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Good morning/afternoon/evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce myself: my name is Zoran Krizsics, I'm a fourth-year law student at the University of Pécs


In today's presentation I would like to look at the shared legal history of two nations that mutually influenced each other. I strongly believe that their long personal union, which lasted 816 years, shows a rare example of cordial cooperation between nations. 

In the next 15-20 minutes I will focus on selections that I regard as major milestones in their shared legal history.


Let's start at the very beginning, in 1089, the year that King Zvonimir (1075-1089) died. After his death, Croatian nobleman could not agree on a suitable successor, consequently unrests followed. During this succession crisis, the "heads" of Dalmatian cities, who assembled in Split to discuss the situation, decided to send a delegation to the king of Hungary, Ladislaus and ask for his assistance: in exchange for his intervention to end the civil war that ravaged the country, he was offered the Croatian throne. Ladislaus accepted the mission and started his campaign in Croatia. While his powerful army was advancing in Croatia, he was informed that the Cumans and the Pechenegs attacked Hungary in his absence. The king, as might be expected, decided to retreat from his campaign against Croatian tribes and immediately returned to Hungary to crush the marauding army..

The occupied Croatian territories were not annexed to Hungary, King Ladislaus decided to appoint his nephew, Prince Álmos to govern the area. During his reign the country fell into chaos, in the midst of these turbulent times the Croatians elected a nobleman, Petar to the throne. Petar II was not able to establish his rule as he did not receive total recognition as sovereign. Prince Álmos resigned the throne to King Coloman in 1095. After the Hungarian king defeated Petar's troops in April 1097,  he was crowned king of Hungary and Croatia in 1102.  From 1102 to 1918 the two countries formed a personal union: Croatian royal dynasties no longer reigned in Croatia, the crown was held by Hungarian kings and the independent, sovereign Croatian state ceased to exist.



The following part of my presentation will deal with some features of the reign of Louis the Great, since both Hungary and Croatia owe a lot to this exceptional sovereign. King Charles's son, Louis the Great, who was crowned in 1342, fought numerous battles and wars to strengthen and centralize his power. We must highlight the significance of his war against Venice (1356-1358), which ended with the Treaty of Zara. Under this treaty Venice had to give all its possessions in Dalmatia to the king and had to cancel his title "Prince of Dalmatia and Croatia". We can consider the Treaty of Zara as one of the highlights of Croatian history, because for the first time after King Zvonimir's death, Dalmatian cities and islands returned to the Kingdom oCroatia. At the same time Venice was forced out of the Croatian coast. King Louis the Great died in 1384 after 40-year reign.


The next minutes of my presentation will be built around the Croatian Pragmatica Sanctio (Pragmatic Sanction). Our starting point is 1711 when Charles III of Hungary was crowned. During his reign Hungary attempted to strengthen ties with the politically, economically and territorially weakened Croatia-Slavonia. 

Therefore the Hungarian Diet (Hungarian Estates) passed a decision concerning the Croatian Sabor: they though that the king should give his royal assent only to those decisions of the Croatian sabor which did not oppose Hungarian laws.


In the end, this statute never got approved by the sovereign because the National Assembly was dissolved due to the plague. However, the intentions of the Hungarian Diet put Croatian noblemen on guard, who during the following years made every effort to emancipate Croatia-Slavonia from Hungary.

8 Hours Nature Sounds Relaxation-Bluebell Woods Birdsong Relaxing Meditation Forest Sounds

  1. Choose the correct question-tag.

        Let’s start, ……….?

        A: don’t we            B: shall we           C: do we             D: will we


  1.     Who is a shoplifter?

            A: a person who operates the lift in  a shop      B: a person who gives a lift to customers  

            C: A person who steals things from   a shop     D: a person who sells lifts


      3.    A lot of people are killed ......... vending machines.                                                                                                                                       

A: by              B: of                C: off                     D: -


4: In the next five years I might ..........

A: to move house     B: move house     C: moving house      D: will move house


5: You are out of ……...... . Have you been running?

A: order           B: bread        C: breathing        D: breath


6: If my boss found out, ……...... .

A: I will be happy          B: I’d get fired           C: I am promoted        D: I was fired


7: Who is a heart throb?

A: a person who robs a bank   

B: a cardiologist who earns a lot of money    

C: a good-looking celebrity              

D: a loud heartbeat


8: What type of exercise are you keen ………?

A: in          B: on            C: into                  D: --


9: What do you say when you find something difficult to understand?

A: It’s Chinese to me.                                          

B: It’s Japanese to me.                                         

C: It’s Greek to me.                                             

D: It’s China to me.


10: The longer he waited ……........ .

A: the more impatient he became              

B: the impatienter he became                                            

C: he most got impatient                           

D: the most impatienter he got


11: What is a bulky thing like?

 A: (too) large, hard to handle                 

B: easy to understand

C: expensive                                         

D: small, easy to handle


12: How many croissants are there in a baker's dozen?

 A: 11           B:12                   C:13                        D:14


13: Mathematics ..... my favourite subject.

A: is                                                               B: are 

C: both answers (is and are) are correct            D: neither answer (is or are) is correct


14: The flight lasted 3 hours. It was a ....... .

A: three-hours flight             B: three-hour flight

C: three-o'clock flight           D: three-hour flights


15: What's the correct spelling? A thousand years= a .....

A: milenium          B: millenium           C: millennium          D: milennium


16: Choose the correct question:

A: Who do you think are you?         B: What do you think who are you?

C: Who do you think you are?         D: Who you think what are you?


17: I get …….. well with my mother-in-law. She is really friendly.

A: on                  B: up                   C: in                                 D: out


18: Tim ........ dinner when Sylvia ............ .

A: cooked, was arriving             B:  was cooking, arrived     

C:  had been cooked, arrived     D: has cooked, arrived


19:  Choose the correct question-tag: I am a great presenter, ……….?

A:  aren’t you             B: don’t  I               C: are I                    D: aren’t  I


20: He who laughs last, laughs ……. .

A: best          B: the most        C: the least       D: louder


21: How .......... vegetables can you name?

A: much        B: many    C: any      D: a lot of


22: Which one is NOT necessary if you want to go skiing?

A: goggles       B: skis       C: a racquet            D: a helmet


23: I ………… the book you gave me but I ……...... it yet.

A: have read, have finished                B: have been reading, haven’t finished 

C: have been read, have finished        D: have read, haven’t been finishing


24: A valley CANNOT be .......... .

A. snow-capped         B: green         C: lush          D: scenic


25: Which sentence is a PASSIVE sentence?

A: They thought the film was boring.    

B: We were running towards the park when we saw the elephant.

C: They have been learning English for a long time.     

D: It is thought to be Britain’s oldest television set.


26: What do you call the people who lived in America long before Europeans arrived if you want to be POLITICALLY CORRECT?

A: Indians        B: Native Americans        C: Old Americans          D: Caucasians


27: I .............. very tired because I ............ too much.

A: was, had studied                        B: had been, studied 

C: was been, had been studied        D: was, have been studied


28: Which word describes a book that is so exciting that you cannot stop reading it?

A:  realistic            B: melodramatic          C: unputdownable                   D: unimaginative


29: I can't even buy a coffee because I've ......... out of money.

A: gone                B: spent               C: run                    D: ran


30: I don't have any ......... .

A: luggages                              B: luggage 

C: both of them are correct         D: neither of them is correct


31: Where do the Dutch live?

A: In the Netherlands  B: In Germany   C: In Switzerland      D: In Dubai


32: The photo was ………… in Rome.

A: made         B: take         C: taken         D: done


33: …………… listen to the radio every day?

A: Who         B: Are you      C: Have you     D: Do you    


34: What would you do if ………. the lottery?

A:  you would win       B: you won    C: you will win      D: winning


35: ’hit the road’ means:

A: set out on a journey   B: find the correct answer   C: die   D: faint


36: I’m looking forward to ………….. you.

A: meet     B: meeting    C: met    D: meets


37: Which one is correct?

A: Can I borrow that scissors?         B: Can I borrow this scissors?  

C: Can I borrow those scissors?      D: Can I borrow this scissor?


38: The USA is traditionally called a ………………… because with time immigrants abandoned their cultures to become totally assimilated into American society.

A:  meeting point     B: melting pot     C: culture shock   D: big apple


39: If you drink one more glass of wine, ................ .

A: you get fat                              

B: you will get drunk                                                                      

C: you would get drink                 

D: will you got drunk


40: George …………..off the ladder while he ……….. the ceiling.

A: was falling, was painting               B: has been falling, has painted  

C: fell, was painting                          D: fallen, was painting


41: A …………. lie is a harmless lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings, like saying: ’Yes, I love your new dress!’ even if you hate it.

A: pink              B: blue             C: white               D: green


42: You didn't call to apologize, .........?

A: do you     B: did you    C: didn’t you    D: don’t you


43: What is a revealing dress like?

A: too expensive   B: red   C: too conservative  D: shows too much flesh


44: I'm .............. with envy.

A: yellow    B: black     C: green      D: blue


45: Which one do you take to the chemist’s?

A: a recipe   B: a prescription      C: a receipt      D: an invoice


46: I can't stand .......... . (= I hate it.)

A: to wait          B. to have wait             C: waiting             D: to waiting


47: Take a large tray and spread ……… butter on it. (a line from a recipe)

A: some               B: a                  C: much                        D:  many


48: Film star Keira Knightley enjoys …………… films.

A: to watch      B: watch       C: watches       D: watching


49: 'Have you seen the new James Bond movie?' She asked me ............... the new James Bond movie . (Reported Speech)

A: if I have seen           B. that I saw             C: if I saw                       D: if I had seen


50: We DO NOT use ’the’ with the names of:

A: rivers                      B: oceans                C: continents                  D: mountain ranges 



Following Instructions Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockDo not panic and let's plan!

You final test will be a multiple choice type quiz. You will have to answer 50 questions. Your score has to be at least 60%, which means that you have to give correct answers to at least 30 questions.

Every student can and should write the test, students who were not able to participate in the online lessons on skype are also welcome.

You will have plenty of time to complete the task: I will give you 60 minutes (from start to finish).

You have 3 options:

1: You can use an online platform, www.quiz-maker.com

If you choose this option, your quiz will be corrected automatically and after question number 50 it will give you the result.Please take a photo of the result that you saw on your screen and send it to me on messenger. You can send it to me individually if you do not want to share your score with the group.

You can take the quiz ONLY ONCE. You do not need to write the answers down, the quiz-maker will correct your work and give you the SCORE in this format: 40/49  (for some reason they do not accept the last, 50th question, maybe there is a limit so everybody will get that extra point)

If you want to start the quiz but run into difficulties (they ask you to subscribe or want payment for the quiz, please abandon the quiz and switch to option number 2 immediately)



2. You can see the quiz on our blog (englishexam.blog.hu). It's the same quiz, but the format is NOT INTERACTIVE. YOU WILL NEED A PAPER AND PEN TO WRITE DOWN THE ANSWERS. PLEASE SEND THE ANSWERS TO ME WHEN YOU ARE READY!!! - you can use messenger or send an email.

You can either take a sharp photo of the page you wrote your answers on or type the answers in messenger in this format:

1 A, 2 A, 3 A, 4 A, 5 A .....




3. I can send you the quiz in an email.

Please send me an email with the answers within 60 minutes.


I did not want to overcomplicate the test but I had to come up with 3 options because I wanted to make sure that everybody can complete the test in one of these formats. I think the easiest way is maybe option 2.

The most interesting option is the first one. But it is the most technologically challenging.


Please note that this is the first time I have prepared an online final test so I am  testing these options and myself, too. Problems may arise, please be patient and DO NOT PANIC. :)





Task 01. Present Simple or Present Continuous:

1. Hurry up! Everybody .......... (wait)  for you.

2. '............................ (you/listen) to the radio?' 'No, you can turn it off.'

3. ............................ (you/listen) to the radio every day? 'No, just occasionally.'

4. The River Nile ........................(flow) into the Mediterranean.

5. I've lost my keys again. I ............... (always/lose) things.

6. ................................ (you/see) that man over there?

7. What ........................ (you/think) will happen?

8. I ...................... (think) of giving up my job.

9. The population of the word ........................ (rise) very fast.

10. We ............................. (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

Task 02: Past Simple or Past Continuous

1.Tim épp vacsorát főzött, amikor Sylvia hazaért.

2. George leesett a létráról, miközben a plafont festette.

3. Mit csináltál tegnap ilyenkor?

4. Nyerésben voltak amikor otthagytad a meccset?

5. Prágában dolgoztam, amikor megismerkedtem a barátommal.

past continuous - ISE Trinity Exam Resources



The Canary Islands                          have been born in the past 50,000 years

Four babies                                     were named after dogs, not birds.

108 billion people                             the most popular name in the world

Muhammad is thought to be              are born every second.

Facebook is                                     vending machines than sharks

More people are killed by                  used by 2 billion people




Adjectives to use in the gaps: deep, good, good, green, strong, loud, dark, easy, weak

Will you need comparative or superlative forms?

1. Actions speak .......... than words.

2. .......... late than never.

3. Night's .......... hour is always before the dawn.

4. A blow with a word strikes ..........  than a blow with a sword.

5. A chain is no ..........  than its ...... link.

6. He who laughs last laughs ..........

7. The grass is always .......... on the other side.

8. It's ......... said than done.

What is the full phrase in relation to, 'the more you know'? - Quora


In my life I'm sure I will ...

                              I probably will ....

                              I might ...

                              I probably won't ...

                             I definitely won't ...

(ideas to use: get a tattoo, fly to the moon, go to prison, swim with sharks, swim with dolphins, climb Mount Everest, milk a cow, win the lottery, become homeless, become a billionaire, sing Karaoke in public, witness a solar eclipse, sleep in an igloo, attend a beer festival, attend a pig roast)

How to Run Your First Marathon - Noteworthy - The Journal BlogTandem Skydive & Parachute Jump Black Knights Lancashire Cumbria UKThis Is the Coolest Way to Learn a New Language - Condé Nast TravelerGo Scuba Diving in Puerto Pollensa


TASK 07: prepositions and phrasal verbs:

1. We have a lot ..... common.

2. What types of exercise are you keen .....?

3. I'm fond ..... reading.

4. The plane took ..... at 6 pm.

5. We ran out ..... money.

6. He ended ..... living on the streets.

7. Sarah dropped ..... of school when she was 16.

8. She grew ..... in a small town.

9. I get ..... well with my mother-in-law.

10. A nurse looks ..... patients in a hospital.


0: FACTS:                               IF people eat too much, the get fat.

1: SURE FUTURE                   IF you drink one more glass of wine, you WILL get drunk.

2: NOT REAL                          IF I won the lottery, I WOULD buy a house




second conditional

Four friends, Alex, Lucy, Sam and Jo were sitting in a coffee bar and chatting, when the subject of their own faults came up in conversation.
   ‘I must admit,’ said Alex, ‘I sometimes use the company’s phone for private calls and I often steal office stationery from work when the boss isn’t looking. (1) ...........................
   ‘Well, I guess my greatest fault,’ Lucy told the group, ‘is that I gamble too much. I play online poker and I buy lottery tickets. My parents are really strict, and (2) ...............................................................
   ‘I don’t gamble,’ Sam said, ‘but I’d say that my worst fault is my drinking habit. I drink far too much.  (3) ..................
   Joe had been silent during the conversation, so Sam turned and asked him, ‘Well, Joe, do you have any faults, then?’
   ‘Oh, yes,’ said Joe, ‘and mine is worse than any of yours. My greatest fault is that I just can’t keep a secret.’

A: if they heard about it, I’d be in real trouble.

B: If it ever got out, I’d lose my job.’

C: If my boss found out, I’d get fired.’

Grammar: second conditional

To talk about situations which are imaginary, you can use this form: if + past simple  in the first clause,  followed by would + verb in the second clause.

This structure is sometimes called the second conditional form.


If my parents found out about my gambling, they’d be furious.


If anyone heard about Sam’s drinking habits, he’d lose his job.


It’s also possible to change the order of the clauses, in this way:


I would buy a new car if I had the money.


This would be a good restaurant if the staff were more polite.


Match the broken sentences.


1.   If I knew his email address…
2.   If we could afford it…
3.   I wouldn’t tell your boss about it…
4.   If you went to bed earlier…
5.   I’d tell you…
A.   ...you wouldn’t be so tired.
B.   ...if I knew the answer.
C.   ...we’d buy a new car.
D.   ...I would write to him.
E.   ...if I were you.


Choose the correct form.

6       A. If his boss found out about Joe’s drinking habits he’d probably lose his job.
          B. If his boss would find out about Joe’s drinking habits he probably lost his job.

7       A. I went for a walk if it wouldn’t be raining so hard.
          B. I’d go for a walk if it weren’t raining so hard.

8       A. If you’d spoken more slowly people will be able to understand you better.
          B. If you’d speak more slowly people would be able to understand you better.

9       A. I came to the party if I wouldn’t have so much work to do.
          B. I’d come to the party if I didn’t have so much work to do.

10     A. This movie would be better if it were shorter.
          B. This movie were better if it would be shorter.

Vocabulary exercises


Choose a word to complete these sentences.


stationery           bar           habits           calls           tickets            poker

1.   I would never play online _________.
2.   It’s a waste of money to buy lottery _________.
3.   I’ll see you in the coffee _________.
4.   I never take home any office _________.  
5.   My boss doesn’t like us making private _________.  
6.   Tim needs to do something about his drinking _________.  



TASK 09: Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous:

1. Look! Somebody .......... (break) that window.

2. I ........ (read) the book you gave me but I ......... (not/finish) it yet.

3. 'Sorry, I'm late.' 'That's all right. I ................... (not/wait) long.'

4. There's a strange smell in here. ......... (you/cook) something?

5. You're out of breath. ............. (you/run)?

TASK 10:



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How to pronounce the article THE - 3 rules| Accurate English

The word "the" is one of the most common words in English. It is the only definite article. Nouns in English are preceded by the definite article when the speaker believes that the listener already knows what the speaker is talking about.

Pegida: The Danish GirlFile:English word "the".jpeg - Wikimedia Commons

I wanted to buy a new sofa (new object). later: I paid 500 bucks for the sofa.

Sometimes you do not need to mention the thing because it's clear to everybody what we are talking about:


Where's the bathroom?

I got to the airport in time.

The postman was late this morning.

WHERES THE BATHROOM – The travel blog for people who have to goSpórolj meg 72%-ot a(z) Let's Explore the Airport (Junior Field Trips ...

TASK 01:. a/an or the?

1. This morning I bought ..... newspaper and ..... magazine.  .....newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where ..... magazine is.

2. My parents have ..... cat and ..... dog.  ..... dog never bites ..... cat but ..... cat often scratches ..... dog.

3. I saw ..... accident this morning. ..... car crashed into ..... wall...... driver of ..... car was not hurt but ..... car was badly damaged.

4. Would you like ..... apple?

5. Could you close ..... door, please?

6. We live in ..... flat near ..... centre of ..... city.

7. Did ..... police find ..... person who stole ...... bicycle?

8. As I was walking along ..... street, I saw ..... $10 note on ..... pavement.

9. This is ....... nice house. Has it got ..... garden?

10. There's no need to buy any milk. ..... milkman brings it every morning.


THE - when there is only ONE of something (superlatives belong here)

Nagy-London – Wikipédia

London is ..... capital of the UK.

The earth goes round the sun.

We say: the sea (BUT! We were at sea when the meaning is go/be on a voyage), the sky, the ground, the countryside/country (vidék)

the sky, BUT! in space!

At night you can see stars in THE sky.

There are millions of stars in space.

but when we mean parking space, look what happens:

He tried to park his car but the space wasn't big enough.

We went to the cinema/theatre. We listen to the radio. BUT: We watch TV. I watched the news on TV.

BUT! Turn off the television.

5 Sandwiches You'll Love Packing For Lunch - YouTube


We had dinner in a restaurant.


What is the longest river in the world?

What's the Longest River on Earth? - YouTube

 You can use THE with comparatives, too, 'minél-annál' értelemben.

What time shall we leave?

THE sooner THE better.

Task 02: MATCH:

the earlier we leave                                  the faster you'll learn

the longer he waited                                the more you have to pay

the more I got to know him                      the sooner we'll arrive

the more you practise your English           the more profit you'll make

the longer the telephone call                    the more impatient he became

the more goods you sell                          the more I liked him

the more you have                                  the less you know

the more you learn                                  the more you want

Sales motivation quote: The more you learn, the more you earn ...

Task 03: Fill in the gaps with a/an, - (blank) or the:

1. I wrote my name at ..... top of the page.

2. ..... Soviet Union was ..... first country to send ..... man into ..... space.

3. Peru is ..... country in South America. ..... capital is Lima.

4. It was a long voyage. We were at ..... sea for four weeks.

5. I never listen to ..... radion. In fact, I haven't got ..... radio.


Why the Rich Are Getting Richer: Kiyosaki, Robert T., Wheelwright ...



Task 04:

People who live in Britain? ----) THE BRITISH

.... Ireland



.... China


.......... France

..... English

The ....... are famous for their parfumes. The ...... are famous for their bullfights. The ..... are famous for their mountains (+ chocolate). The ..... are famous for their green scenery and whiskey. The ...... are famous for their snow-capped Fuji. The ..... are famous for starting a pandemic in 2019.

Task 05:

people without jobs: THE .......

people who can't see:

people who can't hear:

people who are not alive:

people who are not young:

people who are not old:

affluent people:

not affluent people:


THE with geographical names:

Continents: - Europe

Countries: - Japan, France, Hungary    BUT!!!

THE United Kingdom, THE Republic of Ireland

with plurals: THE Netherlands, THE Philippines


in - New York .... BUT! The Hague



The following reading is about two different models of racial integration. Please fill in the 15 gaps with the missing words:


Memories | Missing Words


are, by, do, native, immigrants, into, living, have, described, of, pot, the,the, However, would


Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?

In multicultural societies there are different models of racial integration.

The USA is traditionally called a melting (1)..........  because with time, generations of  (2) .............. have melted together: they have abandoned their cultures to become totally assimilated into American society.

But in (3).......... UK, where cultural diversity is considered a positive thing, immigrants (4).......... always been encouraged to maintain their traditions and their (5) .......... language.
This model of racial integration can be (6) ..........  as a salad bowl,  with people of different cultures living in harmony, like the lettuce, tomatoes and carrots in a salad.

(7) .......... , managing cultural diversity is not always easy.
The world was shocked (8) .......... the terrorist attacks which happened in New York in 2001.
All these attacks involved people from Muslim ethnic communities, who seemed to be well integrated in society.

Both models (9) ..........  multicultural societies have contradictory aspects:
- in a melting pot there is no cultural diversity and sometimes differences (10) .......... not respected;
- in a salad bowl cultures (11) .......... not mix at all.

For example, in multicultural cities, some people spend their entire lives (12) .......... and working without ever learning the country’s language.

So which model is better?

The ideal situation (13) ..........  be a society where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities, but can also maintain their own individuality.
It is not easy to put this ideal (14) .......... practice, but multiracial society is now a reality and we must learn to live together in (15)..........  best possible way.



Match the beginnings and the ends of the following sentences:

1. Melting pot societies a. are different models of integration.
2. Salad bowl societies b. encourage total assimilation.
3. Melting pot and Salad bowl c. have different models of integration.
4. Multicultural countries d. find it difficult to integrate.
5. Ethnic communities sometimes e. respect cultural differences.





  1. kopár
  2. megpillant
  3. dacol
  4. élvezet
  5. várossziluett
  6. olvasztótégely
  7. megijeszt
  8. csempe
  9. felfed
  10. letehetetlen
  11. félbeszakít
  12. terjedelmes
  13. biztosan
  14. kockacukor
  15. felüljáró


Fill in the gaps:


  1. Don’t ………, just hear me out.
  2. We all looked up to see th New York ……… in the distance.
  3. Thousands of people had gathered, trying to ……… of the Queen.
  4. The ………. should be opened to traffic in June.
  5. I don’t like large, ……… pieces of furniture.
  6. „Was it a good read?” „Oh, totally ………. – I finished it in two days.
  7. The table and chairs were made of dark wood, and the ………. on the floor looked like polished bricks.
  8. ……… are small cubes of sugar. You put them in cups of tea and cofeee.
  9. America, long called the ………. finds its best blend of cultures in its music.
  10. If you ………. the law, you may find yourself in prison.
  11. Loud noises can ……… animals.
  12. I ………….. won’t go abroad this year.
  13. Time and chance ………. all secrets.
  14. I was …………ed to see my friends.
  15. The site of the the town is a barren, rocky mountain valley.

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When do you think this photo was taken?

Watch the video and say whether the following statements are true or false:


At the beginning of the video we were shown a black and white portrait and we were asked a question.

Random people were asked about the man in the photo.

Only one woman was able to guess when the photo was taken.

The women were astonished when the correct answer was revealed.

The 23-year-old lady, who introduces herself, comes from Brazil.

A digital colorist restores and colorizes black and white photographs.

The man whose portrait we saw at the beginning of the video wanted to kill an American president.

Lewis Powell is probably still alive.

If you colorize black and white photos you make them look more real.

The colorist changes many things in the photos.

The last portrait shows a girl who lost everything.