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Where can you hear?

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1.   I’m afraid Mr. Boss is out at the moment.

2.   I’m going out with some friends tonight – is that OK?

3.   Are you on a business trip?

4.   –Where are you?

- In the children’s room. I’m putting the children to bed.

      5.   The bank is on the right, next to the pub.

      6.   A hamburger with fries and a glass of mineral water. Here you are.

      7.   Sorry, I’m late.

      8.   Look! That man is wearing a pink jacket.

      9.   Why are your shoes on the table?

     10.  How much is a hamburger and a cup of coffee, please?

     11.  How old is St. Paul’s Cathedral?

     12.  Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?

     13. Thank you for your help.

     14.  Where am I?

     15. I’m in a hurry.

     16. I’m cooking pasta for dinner.

     17. Where are you going?

     18.  Here’s your key. Your room number is 311.

     19. It’s too short/long/small/big.

     20. How much is a double room for one night?

     21.  What colour are you looking for?

     22.  What’s on TV tonight?

     23.  How much are these pens?

     24.  The supermarket is at the end of the street next to the shoe shop.

     25.  What size are you?

     26. Honey, I’m home.

     27. Smoking or non-smoking?

     28.  I’m just looking.

     29.  Why are you washing your hair?

     30.  How much is this T-shirt?

     31. Is everything OK?

     32. Are you ready to order?

     33. Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you.

     34. What time is it?

            It’s two o’clock.






Where would you hear the following?


  1. in the street
  2. in the office
  3. in a restaurant
  4. anywhere
  5. in a shop
  6. in a hotel
  7. at home


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